Catherine McAuley, the first Sister of Mercy, made a difference in her time and her influence continues to be felt today. Her appeal lies in her faith and confidence, generosity and hospitality, her courage and humanity, and that she had the heart to listen and dared to step out and make a difference. We have chosen the following values to enable the Ursula Frayne Catholic College Community to be a part of this Mercy charism.




The charism of Mercy is not just to talk about love and compassion, but to do something about helping other people in need. Compassion is caring and understanding about someone in need or trouble.



Excellence is to do your best so that you will make a positive difference in your own and in someone else's life.



Catherine McAuley lived hospitality in such an all pervasive way as to become almost elusive. It became part of her until it grew to encompass and embrace all who needed shelter and warmth, dignity and independence, comfort and care, compassion and courage.



Try to meet all with peace and ease. Nothing can rank in importance to gentleness of manner and respect towards others.



Action today not tomorrow; be ready to be open and respond; be aware of others and try to understand how they feel. Justice begins in our heart and leads to action and justice. Be fair in everything you do.