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VET and Career Learning Area Coordinator Ms Maureen Johnson


Sir Francis Bacon (1561 ‐ 1626) is credited with the phrase “knowledge is power”. This statement is especially true when it comes to knowledge about what opportunities exist in regard to all careers, not just vocational education and training. It is therefore my goal that students are aware of the incredible array of opportunities that exist after graduating from school. Through the acquisition of these skills, students are able to develop confidence and independence that empowers them to achieve. Sir Francis Bacon also said that “a wise man will make more opportunities than he finds”. Thus, a wise student will work hard to achieve their best in order to make more opportunities available to them.

Mrs Johnson is our College registered Career Practitioner who coordinates the annual career subject selection for students in Senior School, offers individual ad-hoc career counselling for all pathways (ATAR and VET) and coordinates the delivery of both on-campus timetabled VET certificates.  Drawing on her extensive experience in training and development she also sources external opportunities for students which include: external certificates (up to and including Certificate IV), Traineeship and Pre-apprenticeships and is the Coordinator for our popular timetabled subject Year 11 and 12 Authority Developed Workplace Learning.

Students are encouraged to make individual or small group appointments with Ms Johnson to identify their own strengths and set realistic career goals.  This may include changing their timetabled subjects, looking at the numerous pathways available to achieve the same career goal, and/or seeking general or specific career assistance. While parents are welcome to arrange face‐to‐face appointments with their child, you may also telephone or email her to discuss your child’s academic progress and career aspirations.

ASPIRE Pyramid_2019Personal contact and the development of a tri-partnership where the student, parent and school are all equally committed to working towards the same goals has been proven to ensure that our students have the opportunity to achieve the best outcome for them.

In Year 9 students are advised, and informed, to carefully select their subjects in Year 10 based on their current abilities and the subjects they plan to study for WACE in Year 11 and 12.

Upon entering Senior School in Year 10 the focus is on empowering students by guiding them to develop their own post school exit plan up to and including Year 12. The process includes specific interactive activities, both compulsory timetabled and voluntary sessions.

In Year 12, students are offered assistance in selecting and applying for the most suitable post school options.

Senior School Career and VET Options

The College supports students undertaking off‐campus VET opportunities such as school based traineeships, apprenticeships and TAFE courses provided the student can keep up with their other subjects, with their one day school absence per week; and has developed many industry partnerships. There is also the opportunity in Year 12 to study external Certificate IV’s which combined with ATAR English enables students to gain direct entry into university. Please contact the ASPIRE Learning Area Coordinator, Ms Maureen Johnson, to discuss these pathways.


Certificate III Business

Certificate II Kitchen Operations

Certificate II Sport and Recreation

ADWPL Workplace Learning **


Certificate II Business

Certificate II Engineering (Year 11 and 12)

Certificate II Hospitality

ADWPL – Workplace Learning **

Certificate II Sport Career Orientation

Certificate II Visual Arts (AUTOCAD)

Certificate II Work Preparation Skills


Certificate II Business (Semesterised)

Certificate II Information, Digital Media and Technology (Semesterised)

Certificate II Hospitality Skills (taster course which includes units for credit in Year 11)

Workplace Learning

Year 11/12 – External Programs: The ASPIRE program coordinates and supports students who choose to study a one-day per week external certificate or ADWPL **.  This includes:  School based Traineeships, Pre-apprenticeships, Profile Funded and Fee-for-Service certificates.

This is a year-long endorsed course (offered in both Years 11 and 12) and can assist students in selecting their career or confirm that they have selected the correct pathway. It provides students with real-life work experience and can motivate them to improve their overall academic performance so that they can be employed in that area.

Students prepare for, and are placed in, a suitable workplace that they have chosen. While on the placement, students are assessed on work related skills by their supervisor. On returning to school, students reflect on the skills assessed and use this as a basis for continuous improvement.

The theoretical component of this course compliments the students’ individual on-the-job learning experience assisting the students in developing sound employability skills. The scope of placements available to students is only limited by the willingness of the employers to train our students. The relationships our College has with employers and organisations across Perth ensures our students give their best and receive excellent on-the-job training.

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