College Canteens

The College operates two canteens, one on each campus. The canteens are open at both recess and lunchtimes, providing healthy and nutritious options for all students. A Canteen Manager is employed at each canteen, with additional staff and parent volunteers providing much needed support. Parents are encouraged to assist in the canteens whenever possible.

Balmoral Canteen

Duncan Canteen









The College canteens have a special role to play in the education, health and well-being of our students and the school community they serve. Like all businesses, they need sound operational and managerial practices to function effectively and ensure Occupational Safety and Health (OS&H) guidelines are followed for the safe handling of food. In addition, care is taken to avoid cross contamination of food, especially for students who suffer allergies or from anaphylactic responses. Parents are encouraged to examine the menus below and talk to the Canteen Managers about the procedures for purchasing and ordering lunches, especially for students with allergies. The College has developed a Healthy Food Policy to guide the planning and preparation of menus and to foster a healthy lifestyle.

A new initiative was launched in 2016, whereby the Transperth SmartRiders issued to students can be used at the Ursula Frayne Catholic College Duncan Campus as a “Canteen Card”. Money can be pre-loaded onto the card, using My Student Account (MSA), and when produced at the canteen check-out it serves as an easy, cash-free method of payment. Alternatively, parents can choose to order their child’s food from home, using the Online Ordering system on MSA. Orders must be placed prior to 7:00am on the required day.

You will need to read the My Student Account (MSA) instructions on how to set up your MSA and load funds onto the account. Once the account is active you can:

  • Access, view and manage from your home or office 24/7.
  • Set a Daily Spend Limit (optional).
  • Restrict access to specific foods (optional).
  • Set a Low Balance Warning (optional).
  • View online the account purchase history.

Please note that although your child’s Smart Rider card will now serve dual purposes, any funds uploaded via the My Student Account portal will be allocated to canteen purchases and any funds uploaded via the Smart Rider portal will be reserved for Smart Rider transactions only.

Further information regarding this service can be obtained by emailing

The College canteens may be contacted on:

Balmoral Street Campus
Canteen Manager: Anne Rossi
P: +61 9470 0418
Balmoral Campus Menu 2019

Duncan Street Campus
Canteen Manager: Ingka Iwansantoso
P: +61 9470 0910
Duncan Campus Menu Term 1 2020