CPA Band 1

The Catholic Performing Arts festival is over for another year and Frayne really did themselves proud. Students from across both campuses put in their best efforts to achieve some amazing results; which of course would not have been possible without the unwavering support of staff at the College. Parents attended a variety of performances to encourage their children and it was truly a whole College effort to bring the very best in performing arts to the stage. Everyone at Frayne who was involved in the CPA should be proud of what they have achieved in 2017.


Here is an overview of the results:


Junior School Choir

Primary Instrumental Solo/Duet: Jonathon Stevens (Year 6) - Primary Woodwind

Primary Piano Solo: Nigella Oehme (Year 5)

Secondary Vocal Solo/Duet: Seamus Harrison (Year 10)


College Concert Band 

Junior Boys Choir

Primary Instrumental Solo/Duet: Kasiem Okoye (Year 6) - Primary Woodwind

Primary Instrumental Solo/Duet: Kasiem Okoye and Isabella Marson (Year 6) - Primary Woodwind

Primary Instrumental Solo/Duet: Jonathan Stevens and Ruth Gater (Year 6) - Primary Woodwind

Secondary Instrumental Solo/Duet: Claire Emery (Year 8) - Secondary Strings

Secondary Instrumental Solo/Duet: Sofie Stevens (Year 9) - Secondary Strings

Secondary Instrumental Solo/Duet: Charlotte Murdoch (Year 8) - Secondary Woodwind

Secondary Instrumental Solo/Duet: Blake Dearnley (Year 10) - Secondary Brass

Secondary Instrumental Solo/Duet: Audrey-Anne Morin (Year 10) - Secondary Woodwind

Dance: The Frayne Dancers

Bible Reading: Esther Nixon (Year 11)

Primary Vocal Solo/Duet: Millicent McRorie (Year 4)

Secondary Vocal Solo/Duet: Sian Bussanich (Year 11)

Secondary Vocal Solo/Duet: Amelia Searson (Year 12)

Instrumental Ensemble Brass: Aiden Formston, Quan Ta, Jimmy Pham, Derick Babu, Jarrod Hanley, Blake Dearnley, Daniel Tambunan

Instrumental Ensemble Clarinet: Long Ta, Joseph Cortez, Claudia Kim, Victoria Diaz


Junior School Concert Band

Frayne Jazz Band

Primary Piano Solo: Jonathan Stevens (Year 6)

Instrumental Ensemble Percussion: Sian Bussanich, Liam Jelaca, Liam Lynch‐Davila, Harry Brayford

Instrumental Ensemble Senior Strings: Sofie Stevens, Mika Adams, Viruni Senaratne, Desiree Teeling, Luna Lim, Rohan Thomas, Josephine Singgih

Instrumental Ensemble Flute: Clarissa Boldock, Charlotte Murdoch, Audrey‐Anne Morin, Mika Tambunan, Madeson Vo, Danette O’Kelly

Frayne College Choir

Frayne Senior Vocal Ensemble


It was so very unfortunate that we did not come away with the shield this year, especially considering the comments received truly showed the depth of talent at the College. Here’s what the adjudicator had to say about our Junior School Choir:


Night and Day: What an easy, sweet sound! Beautiful blend of harmonies and the percussion was executed precisely. A fine performance.

Kusimama: A wonderful, traditional African song. It was full of vitality, warmth, rhythm and percussive effects. A strong blended sound. Congratulations! Thank you.


I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music. - Billy Joel


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