Middle School (Year 7 – Year 9)

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Head of Middle School – Mrs Pauline Bourke

Be inspired, be challenged, become the best you can be!

Middle school students are emerging adolescents who are experiencing profound changes in the intellectual, physical, social and emotional areas of their lives. These changes call for unique learning environments where students can mature, achieve success and be challenged at their own developmental rate. The design of the Middle School creates a supportive and progressive learning environment for students in Years 7 – 9 through the provision of specific academic, co-curricular and pastoral care programs that are sensitive to the developmental needs of young adolescents.

The College strives to foster an environment based on harmonious working relationships, responsibility and mutual respect. The goal of the College is to nurture and develop our students into creative and critical thinkers instilled with a lifelong love of learning, who will be active citizens striving to create a just society.

Important Information

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Current research indicates that the workforce of the 21st century is going to be one where job mobility and retraining are dominant features. To this end, the Middle School curriculum will have the goal of promoting life-long learning.

The main objectives of the curriculum are:

  • Promoting a high standard of Literacy and Numeracy.
  • Providing students with organisational skills considered essential for successful learning in and beyond the Middle School environment.
  • Developing in students the ability to think creatively and critically.
  • Developing in students the ability to be independent learners.
  • Providing opportunities for student-centred and enquiry-orientated learning.
  • Providing students with an appreciation for teamwork and self-motivation.
  • Incorporating technology into the curriculum as an important learning tool.
  • Meeting the special needs of individual students by identifying and assisting students who find learning difficult.
  • Incorporating a degree of choice for the student regarding what is studied.

Structure of the Middle School

Ursula Frayne Catholic College promotes the balanced development of our students within a community atmosphere. Young people need support and encouragement during the ‘middle years’. This is put into practice in the Middle School through a caring but disciplined environment designed to make students feel safe and confident to develop their potential.

The pastoral support of students is an important element of the Middle School. To improve the care for each child, the Middle School is divided into three separate Clusters; Joachim, Rice and MacKillop. Each Cluster is comprised of a Cluster Leader who is responsible for the overall coordination and organisation of their Cluster. The Cluster Leader works closely with the Form teachers who are the link between school and home for general information concerning the student’s academic progress, study, attitude, attendance and general happiness at school.

stjoachim mackillop rice
Joachim Cluster MacKillop Cluster Rice Cluster

Student Leadership

The Leaders in each Cluster represent and speak for the students in Years 7, 8 and 9 on matters impacting upon all students in the Middle School.

Student Leaders have many functions but the most important is that of modelling the appropriate behaviour of an Ursula Frayne Catholic College student in all aspects of College life.



The Middle School curriculum strives to nurture life-long 21st Century learners who use their potential and talents in the service of others, and for the benefit of themselves.

The Middle School curriculum comprises two components:

  • Core Program
  • Electives

Core Program

The subjects studied in the Core Program are:

  • Religious Education
  • English
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages – Japanese and Italian in Years 7 and 8 only
  • Mathematics
  • Science

All the subjects and learning opportunities in this component of the curriculum are compulsory for all students.


The Electives are offered in Year levels thus allowing students to build their capacity and expertise as they progress through the Middle School. The Elective subjects are from the Performing Arts, the Visual Arts, the Design Technologies and the Digital Technologies curriculums.

Please refer to the Curriculum Handbook for more detailed information.

The Curriculum Handbook

Please click here for a copy of the 2021 Middle School Curriculum Handbook