There are nine learning areas in the curriculum of Catholic schools in Western Australia. The first is Religious Education. (Mandate 61)

Religious Education aims to share the Catholic faith by promoting knowledge and understanding of the Gospel, as it is handed on by the Catholic Church, and of how those who follow Christ are called to live this Gospel

The College follows the units of work set out by the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia. These units allow the students to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Discovering God: Students understand that people come to discover God through experiences in creation.
  2. Drawing on human experience: Students understand the content of the Christian message and its significance by relating it to examples drawn from human experience.
  3. Knowing Jesus: Students know the person of Jesus, the model for living out the Christian mission in the world.
  4. Living like Jesus: Students understand that Catholics are empowered to live like Jesus the Saviour as they draw on the power of God's Spirit.
  5. Catholic Practices: Students demonstrate the skills necessary in order to read and apply Scripture to life and to participate in Catholic ritual and prayer.


Balmoral 1

Units of work (K-12)

Students in K-6 follow the Catholic Education Office units.

The Religious Education program on the Duncan Street campus is outlined below:

Year 7


Term 1:

  • Freed to live like Jesus.
  • Freedom Jesus-Lent.
  • A Trusting God.

Term 2:

  • Spirit of truth.
  • Gifted by the spirit.

Term 3:

  • No Greater Love-Prayer
  • We Wonder praise
  • Creation

Term 4:

  • Created Individually by God-Body differences
  • Called to the Common Good -Bible community Advent Christmas.

Year 8

Term 1: Belonging and acceptance in Catholic Communities

Term 2: the universal need for God

Term 3: Creation God's original plan

Term 4: Growing in the image of God.

Year 9

Term 1: The human search for truth

Term 2: People grow stronger spiritually

Term 3: People can achieve emotional peace

Term 4: Christian love and sexuality.

Year 10

Term 1: Vocation-called to become

Term 2: The search for freedom

Term 3: Recognising God's call through Conscience

Term 4: Restoring God's Justice in the World.

Years 11&12

Years 11 and 12 students study the course of study Religion and Life. The course teaches students Religious Education according to and using the content material provided by the Catholic Education Office. The students study the course from a Catholic Perspective.

The Religion and Life course is offered in pairs of units. Each unit is approximately 15 weeks in duration. Year 11 students may choose to follow one of two pathways:

In Year 11 study 1A and 1B and Year 12 students Study 1C and 1D; or

In Year 11 study 2A and 2B and Year 12 students Study 3A and 3B.

The grades achieved by a student will contribute towards their achievement of the Western Australian certificate of Education.

1A - Why Religion

1B - People and Religion

1C - Religion and lifestyles

1D - Religion and Decision Making

2A The Place of Religion in Society

2B Religious Identity and Purpose

3A Connection and Challenge in Religion

3B Freedom and Religion

Apart from the religious education curriculum the students are involved in a number of catechesis experiences to help them develop a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith.

Term 1 - The focus is Reconciliation. All Religious Education classes plan and participate in a reconciliation ceremony.

Term 2 - Students plan and participate in class liturgies

Term 3 - Students make their own Rosary Beads and say the Rosary

Term 4 - Students participate and experience the Eucharistic Adoration.

Students are always involved in the live interactive webcast where Archbishop Hickey officially launches the Life Link Appeal.


All students years 7-12 participate in a one day retreat. The aim of the retreat is to develop a deeper friendship with the Lord. This friendship is fostered by prayerful reflection and by pooling faith experiences with others. The Religious Education teachers assist with the decision making process of the content of the retreat, where they have firsthand knowledge of the needs and experiences of the students.

Various Teams like Youth Impact and the Disciples of Jesus are used to facilitate the retreat. The highlight of the Year 7 retreat is led by Sr Maree Riddler of the Mary MacKillop centre in South Perth where they learn about Blessed Mary MacKillop

All these experiences, accompanied by the curriculum, ensure that the College fulfils the aims outlined by the Catholic Education Office and the Bishops' Mandate for Catholic Schools 2009-2015.