The Butler-Wesson Scholarship

The Butler-Wesson Scholarship is open to students who have completed Year 10 and will be continuing their studies at the College in Years 11 and 12.


The emphasis of this scholarship is placed on the need of parents for financial support towards the cost of educating their child in the upper secondary classes.  For 2019, the College will offer TWO (2) scholarships to the value of $1000 to offset some of the College tuition fees and are tenable for one year.


Parents who wish to apply for this scholarship shall do so no later than Friday 23 November 2018 and shall make available to the Principal:

  • A copy of the most recent report of the student for whom the scholarship is being planned
  • A completed Application Form
  • An accompanying letter from the student applicant detailing their involvement in and contribution to the College and/or wider community
  • Completed statements by student’s Cluster Leaders in the Middle & Senior Schools.


Application Forms and Statement of Support Forms are available here.


Applications will be assessed in relation to:

  • A demonstrated commitment to learning
  • Student involvement in and contribution to the College and wider communities
  • Financial Need (and not currently receiving any fees assistance).


The College is very appreciative of the generosity of the Butler-Wesson families in affording students and their families this wonderful level of support.


The Butler and Wesson Families

The Butler family originally came from the country town of Mogumber up near New Norcia where they were involved in farming. The father’s name was Joseph and his wife’s name was Johanna. Joseph served on active service in World War I in France where he was wounded in action. In 1925 the family moved to Lathlain and operated Butler’s Grocery store at 23 Gallipoli Street, from where Joseph would do his deliveries on a Harley Davidson motorbike with a side car. The store serviced the areas of Carlisle, Victoria Park and Belmont. Joseph and Johanna had 10 children, 5 boys and 5 girls. Two of the sons, Rolfe and Ronald served during World War II. In 1950 the family moved to 14 Colombo Street, Victoria Park. All the Butler children attended the St Joachim’s school. The children’s names are Rolfe, Ronald, Jean, Doreen, James, Francis, Neil, Anne, Helen and Margaret. At present James is the only surviving family member and will celebrate his 90th birthday on 28 October 2018.


The Wesson family originally came from Mt Hawthorn and settled in South Perth at 13 Mabel Street in 1951. The father’s name was James and his wife’s name was Norma. James served on active service in World War II in the Middle East and also New Guinea. James worked as a transport driver until his retirement. James and Norma had five children, four boys and one girl, Raymond, Dennis, Peter, Patricia and Gary. Two of the sons Raymond and Dennis served on active service during the war in Vietnam. All children are still living.

On the 5 February 1972 Dennis Wesson and Margaret Butler were married at St Joachim’s church by Monsignor Lenihan, thus commencing the Butler and Wesson family’s association. Dennis and Margaret resided in Bentley for 34 years. In 2009 the original Butler residence at 14 Colombo Street, Victoria Park was demolished and a new house constructed to accommodate Margaret’s health and physical requirements. The house was occupied by Dennis and Margaret in October 2010. Margaret and Dennis were married for 41 years up until Margaret’s passing on 11 May 2013. Dennis still lives at 14 Colombo Street.


College Board Academic Scholarships

One of the core values of the College is excellence. Students are encouraged to give of their best at all times so that they can make a positive difference in their own life and in the wider community. The College Board strives to fulfill this aim by assisting students to achieve the highest standards in all aspects of the schooling process through the prudent management of school finances and capital development.

Students' achievements are regularly acknowledged through notes of commendation, merit certificates, awards, trophies and lots of verbal praise.

To attract academically able students to the College and support academic excellence within the school the College Board awards a number of Academic Scholarships each year. The Scholarships are awarded to students entering Year 7 and are tenable to the end of Year 10 and provide for half of the annual tuition fee.

Applicants are required to complete a scholarship examination, which is held in held June each year, usually on a Saturday morning.

Parents of academically able students, who will be in entering Year 7 next year, either currently enrolled or seeking enrolment at the College, are invited to apply for their child to sit the College Board's Academic Scholarship Examination.

Applicants must demonstrate:

  • High academic achievement;
  • A commitment to the Catholic ethos and values of the College;
  • Positive motivation, interest and attitude towards their schooling;
  • Sound communication and interpersonal skills;
  • An eagerness to complete their secondary schooling at Ursula Frayne Catholic College; and
  • Evidence of leadership and participation in other areas of personal endeavour. For example, sports, the arts, hobbies, church, school and community service.

The students achieving the highest results will be invited, along with their parents, to an interview with the Principal. The Principal then makes the final decision in regard to the successful applicants.


The College Board Scholarships are currently under review. Once the review process has been finalised further information regarding these scholarships will be made available.