Ursula Frayne Catholic College has a strong tradition of student leadership, which draws on the tenacious character and leadership of Mother Ursula Frayne. There are numerous opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills. Leadership opportunities are provided across all sub-schools and in a variety of activities and disciplines. 


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Senior School Leadership

The Senior School Council is comprised of the Head Boy and Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Girl, all Senior School Cluster Captains (6) and Captains from the Arts, IT, Ministry and Sport (4). 

Head Girl Head Boy Deputy Head Girl Deputy Head Boy
Emma Pearson Viren Chhabra Maddison Duff Martyn Bernardino

Year 12 Cluster Captains

McAuley Cluster Siena Cluster Xavier Cluster
Siobhan Tuohy  Sally Faichney Emma Stubbs
Keegan D'Silva  Alexander Govan Gureet Gill 

Year 12 Councils 





Captain  Captain  Captain  Captain 
Long Ta                          Chezhiyan Balachander   Gabrielle Fitzpatrick               Cate Semini 
Prefects Prefects  Prefects  Prefects 
Blake Dearnley Rayndolf Sentosa  Rhianna Ta  Georgia Snell 
Isabel Banu  Kylie Fung Emily Vander Heyden  Dylan Smee 
    Sofia Bianca Espina Gabriella McKinley
      Orla Young

Year 11 Cluster Representatives 

McAuley Cluster Siena Cluster Xavier Cluster
Paul Connolly  Anfernee Cabrera Thomas Abraham
Isabel Milne  Tyana Orlando  Aiden Formston 
Danielle Wilkinson Jack Richards-Scully Amy Ralph 

Year 10 Cluster Representatives

McAuley Cluster Siena Cluster Xavier Cluster
Jacqueline Budiarto Sophie Baharom          Alana Ciancotti      
Jackson Parry  Adam Jasper  Alicia Notte 
Megan Tuohy Shermel Tan  Rishabh Rana 

Middle School Leadership

To ensure each individual student is heard, the Middle School Leaders are elected on an annual basis. The Leaders in each Cluster represent and speak for the students in Years 7, 8 and 9 on matters impacting upon all students in the Middle School. Student Leaders have many functions but the most important is that of modelling the appropriate behaviour of an Ursula Frayne Catholic College student in all aspects of College life.

Year 9 Cluster Captains

Joachim Cluster MacKillop Cluster Rice Cluster
Brittany Rodrigues Solomon Lindsay       Indi Carter              
Sebastian Palermo Amy Frangs  Kenya Wishart

Year 8 Cluster Representatives

Joachim Cluster MacKillop Cluster Rice Cluster
Aitaua Enari                   Grace Hepworth               Zeyann Ampatuan  
Angus McDonald  Ben Whelpdale  Lucy Crowley               
Jarreth Morales  Swilanage Gwizhi Zara Pearson 

Junior School Leadership

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Each semester, every class elects its own Student Representative Councillor to represent the student body on the Student Representative Council (SRC). Class meetings are held during the year and whole school issues are brought to SRC meetings for discussion by the class representative. Meetings occur approximately once a fortnight.


In addition, all students in Year 6 belong to one of five Councils (Assembly Council, Community Council, Liturgy Council, Sports Council and the Publications Council) which meet weekly during class time under the supervision of a teacher. At the end of Semester One, all students choose a new Council in which to work.

Preparatory School Leadership

Our focus in the early years is in gradually broadening the concept of 'oneself', to include the role we play as individual members of a family, school and wider community. Attaining a positive self-image is fundamental as children begin to consider their rights and obligations. Students are provided opportunities to investigate their relationships and their immediate experiences. Emphasis is given to the development of social skills. The teaching of values, appropriate behaviours and conflict resolution is integrated in all aspects of the curriculum.


As part of their learning journey, students participate in school routines and activities, and develop and practice rules related to classroom and playground interactions. They are encouraged to show respect for others, the environment, and appreciate differences.

Collaborative learning situations allow them an opportunity to engage in discussion and decision making, while considering how to best to monitor the operation of groups.


From Pre-Primary, the children are involved in fortnightly 'class meetings'. In Years 1 and 2, election of a Class Representative is conducted each semester. The Class Representative becomes a member of the Student Representative Council (SRC), which has student membership from Years 1 to 6. Aspects of political literacy covered include learning of meeting format and structure. The students are exposed to the use of a meeting agenda from Pre-Primary and minute taking from Year 1 onwards.