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The Frayne Music Programme is where young people shine in a place full of opportunity and faith filled learning.   It is about commitment, teamwork, and excellence but, most importantly, it is about being part of something truly special.


We offer an exceptional selection of performance and ensemble opportunities, highly skilled and competent instrumental and vocal tutors, and a broad interesting curriculum programme.


We are fast becoming a leading K - 12 music programme in Western Australia and a first choice for parents.   We are proud to offer an extensive learning pathway for band studies and are privileged to have access to newly refurbished facilities which include five tuition/ practice rooms, two classrooms/ rehearsal rooms and a percussion studio at our Duncan Campus with four tuition/ practice rooms and music/ rehearsal room at our Balmoral Campus.


We firmly believe in the value of music education and witness daily the impact that a good music programme has in developing confident, flexible and knowledgeable young men and women.